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October 2020

SNL 2020 virtual conference

We attended the Society for Neurobiology of Language conference, which this year was held online.  Saloni Krishnan presented the results of our study of verb generation using fMRI in children with Developmental Language Disorder (see paper  Several members of the group presented posters of their work.  Gabe Cler won a postdoctoral merit award for his poster on "Differences in subcortical structures in children with developmental language disorder".  Nicole Eichert won a doctoral student merit award for her poster on "Neuroanatomical and functional characterisation of human laryngeal motor cortex".  Salomi Asaridou presented a poster on "Microstructural properties of the cerebellum peduncles in children with developmental language disorder". Charlie Wiltshire presented her poster on "An fMRI study of initiation and inhibition of manual responses in people who stutter".  And, Ding-lan Tang presented her poster on "Language experience determines asymmetry of audio-motor interactions for speech processing".  A great showing of all the exciting work going on in the lab.