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This interdisciplinary research centre is named after the late Professor Jeffrey Gray, who was one of the founders of behavioural neuroscience in Oxford. It is based in a brand new state of the art laboratory for rodent behavioural testing funded by the Wellcome Trust. The facility is managed by the Department of Experimental Psychology with significant involvement from, and collaborative work with, a number of other departments including Physiology Anatomy and Genetics, Psychiatry, Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, Pharmacology and Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences

 Departmental and Collaborative Researchers (PIs)

  • Prof David Bannerman (Experimental Psychology)
  • Dr Mark Walton (Experimental Psychology)
  • Prof Anna Mitchell (Experimental Psychology)
  • Dr Robin Murphy (Experimental Psychology)
  • Dr Phil Burnett (Psychiatry)
  • Prof Trevor Sharp (Pharmacology)
  • Prof Kay Davies (DPAG)
  • Prof Russell Foster (NDCN)
  • Dr Liz Tunbridge (Psychiatry)
  • Dr Vlad Vyazovskiy (DPAG)
  • Prof Richard Wade-Martins (DPAG)

To discuss use of the SR facility please contact the BNU facility manager