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Photo collage with three photos showing: students sitting at desks at the Hackathon; students listening to Joy Geng; and students in a lecture hall watching a presentation by Dorothy Bishop.

We thank our amazing undergraduate students for the energy and enthusiasm during the Department's first Undergraduate Hackathon! Close to 90 students dedicated an entire day to solving difficult experimental and statistical programming challenges in the beginning of their Part I studies.

The Hackathon, which took place at St Johns College, was created for the entire cohort of undergraduate students in Experimental Psychology, Philosophy, and Linguistics. It  kick-started the Core Practicals and the Experimental Design & Methods course, establishing foundational programming skills for creating experiments and analysing data at the beginning of students’ Part I studies. 

Dejan Draschkow and Sage Boettcher led the Hackathon, supported by the brilliant demonstrators Daniela Gresch, Irene Altuna, and Verena Klar. Special thank you to Professors Dorothy Bishop and Astor Visiting Lecturer, Joy J Geng (from University of California Davis) who gave well-received guest lectures. 

The event was made possible thanks to the generous support of MSD's Teaching Excellence Award scheme and St John's College who supported it from their Teaching Innovation fund.