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Image showing gold stars rising out of an awards cup, with black writing alongside that says "Gibbs Prize winners 2022"

We're incredibly proud to announce the winners of this year's Gibbs Prizes for top marks in coursework and public examinations. It's a remarkable achievement, and we wish the winners and the entire cohort every success in their next steps.

  • Best Overall Performance EP: Lottie Shipp
  • Best Overall Performance PPL: Malhaar Shah
  • Best Performance Linguistics: Migara Kumarasinghe & Malhaar Shah
  • Best Performance Philosophy: Malhaar Shah
  • Proxime Accessit EP: Daniel Storey
  • Proxime Accessit PPL: Migara Kumarasinghe & Zoe Popescu

Matthew Rushworth, Head of Department, said, "Despite all the trials and tribulations of the last few years, this latest group of students to graduate have done very well. But there have been some especially spectacular performances by Zoe, Daniel, Migara, Malhaar, and Lottie, and they are very worthy recipients of prizes."


Let's hear what our prize winners have to say!


Lottie ShippLottie Shipp"Learning directly from tutors who are leading the field of psychological research has been a real honour and the perfect environment for anyone curious about the workings of the human mind. In this context, I am delighted to have received the Gibbs Prize and would like to thank all my tutors and other students who have helped to make the past three years so special."




Malhaar ShahMalhaar Shah"PPL has been a lot of fun, thanks to the enthusiasm my tutors brought and encouraged. I've always been a bit indecisive about what I like doing, so I loved how you can move between up-in-the-clouds theory and the nuts and bolts of experimental work. It really makes you use everything in the toolbox. I'm starting my PhD in Linguistics this August, so the prize is very heartening."



Migara KumarasingheMigara Kumarasinghe"I have greatly enjoyed my time at Oxford over the last three years and am grateful to have had the opportunity to pursue my passion for both Philosophy and Linguistics, as part of the PPL course. I am proud to have won two Gibbs prizes and am particularly thankful for my tutors whose help and guidance were invaluable preparation for my final examinations."





Daniel StoreyDaniel Storey

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on the EP course. It's been wonderful to explore many facets of Psychology and eventually find my area of interest in Clinical Psychology. The Gibbs Prize is a huge honour for me. It represents much more than just my hard work. It is the result of excellent teaching from professors and tutors, support from family and friends, the opportunity for education, and many other blessings."



Zoe PopescuZoe Popescu"I am incredibly grateful and honoured to have received a Gibbs prize. However, I could not have achieved this on my own, so I would like to thank all of my amazing lecturers and tutors who encouraged me to stay curious and always stayed patient and answered all of my many, many questions. I would also like to thank my supportive family and friends who listened to me monologue about my readings and essays for the past three years, it means a lot to me. Lastly, I would like to thank my revision partners whom I shared intense discussions with and who always kept me motivated. I am honoured to have received this prize and excited to see what the future holds for me."