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The greatest legacy of our Department are the individuals that we have trained and their contributions to society. Our alumni have gone on to succeed in diverse fields – both within and outside of academia – and are using their degrees in exciting and remarkable ways. To honour and recognise their achievements, we've launched a new website called EPICS (EP Involved in Contributing to Society) to showcase the many inspiring EP staff and alumni who have come through our doors. 

The EPICS website has a special section – Women Centenary – devoted to the amazing women who have graduated from EP and gone on to make their mark on the world. This is part of a wider University of Oxford initiative mark the 100-year anniversary since women were given the right to matriculate and graduate from Oxford, We are still adding information and new profiles, and are incredibly grateful to those who have kindly shared their wisdom and memories with us.

Both EPICS and the Centenary Project are ever-evolving and we are aware that names will have been missed. Contact us to nominate yourself or someone else for our Centenary of Women Project or EPICS Project. To be included in either or both projects, certain criteria must be met:

  • EP Centenary of Women Project – for former EP undergraduates and undergraduates (who identify as women) 
  • EPICS Project – for former EP staff and alumni (any gender identification) 


Visit the EPICS Project website

Find out more about the University of Oxford Centenary of Women

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