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Collage of 7 photos from the EP party, showing Kia Nobre, Kate Nation, David Clark, Jade Wormsley and other guests.

A good time was had by all last Friday at our party in New Radcliffe House and it was terrific to socialise and welcome so many new faces to our Department.

Paul Salkovskis gave a warm tribute to David Clark, who is retiring. David's work to improve our understanding of anxiety and stress-related disorders, and to make treatment more accessible, has benefitted many thousands of people. It was also a chance to publicly thank Kia Nobre for her six years as Head of Department.

As Kate Nation pointed out in her speech, Kia shepherded us with energy, dedication and a steady hand through some of the most turbulent events our department has faced and we owe her much gratitude.

Many thanks to all who helped with the festivities, but especially to Regula Dent for all her hard work organising the party and ensuring that all went smoothly on the day. 

Photo of rows of mini cakes and cupcakes. Cupcakes have writing that says either "Thank you, Kia" or "Happy Retirement, David."