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Collage of three photos. One photo shows a speaker giving a presentation. Another shows attendees having a social lunch. Another shows attendees listening to a speaker give a presentation.
The ECR Committee together with the GJCC hosted a Non-Academic Careers Day this past week. Three brilliant EP alumni – who have moved onto amazing and inspiring careers outside of academia –  generously gave their time to speak with us and answer questions during a panel session. The event was well attended and generated a lot of interesting discussions.   
The alumni speakers who took part included:
  • Lev Tankelevitch (DPhil with Matthew Rushworth and Mark Stokes) who discussed his previous role at the Behavioural Insights Team and his more recent role at Microsoft Research.
  • Emily Connally (DPhil with Kate Watkins) director and founder at Cherwell Collective, who talked about the challenges and merits around starting something new.
  • Oana Gurau (DPhil with Kia Nobre)  who discussed the joy of finding her passion outside of academia in her role as Research Associate at What Works for Children’s Social Care. 
A big thank you to all who attended, our fabulous speakers, and the Department for supporting this event.The ECR Committee and GJCC are eager to host other similar events in the future.