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Study outlines feasibility of multiple disease risk prediction model for primary care


A team of researchers led by a researcher in RDM, but which also includes researchers in NDCN, Population Health and Experimental Psychology, have found that a single, integrated health check carried out in a primary care setting can accurately predict risks for diseases across multiple organs.

New online tool for child anxiety could expand access to child mental health services

Mental health Research

New research from the University of Oxford has revealed that an online programme that empowers parents to apply Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) principles in their child’s day to day lives is just as effective as traditional talking therapies for child anxiety problems.

Welcome Prof Shelley McKeown Jones

Fellow and Tutor in Experimental Psychology with Lady Margaret Hall joining us from Bristol

Prestigious prize for Asifa Majid

Our Professor of Cognitive Science, has been awarded the prestigious Elman prize

What is selective mutism? And is it a lifelong condition?

General Research

Selective mutism is an anxiety disorder characterised by a consistent pattern of silence in specific social situations where speech is expected (for example, at school or work) while the person is able to speak comfortably in other situations (such as at home with close family).

New survey reveals that a quarter of UK adults mistrust others

Mental health Publication Research

A major new survey of trust and mistrust in the UK has revealed worryingly high levels of mistrust in society, with a quarter of respondents mistrustful of other people and a similar proportion keen for help to feel more trusting.

Brian Parkinson joins Emotion Review Editorial Team

General Research

The Professor of Social Psychology joins other established experts on the incoming editorial team.

Professor David M Clark joins Oxford Health as Non-Executive Director

Mental health Research

The Emeritus Professor of Experimental Psychology took up his role on 17 July 2023.

The impact of childhood and teenage anxiety disorders on later life – new research

Public Engagement Research

New research has found that the consequences of anxiety disorders in young people can include mental health issues in adulthood, lower grades at school and lower earnings.

Elephant seals drift off to sleep while diving far below the ocean surface


A new analysis of elephant seal brainwave patterns has revealed that these mammals take short naps while holding their breath on deep dives, averaging just 2 hours of sleep per day during their long trips at sea. The findings have been published today in the journal Science.

Community play packs inspire families to be more playful at home


A project led by Alex Hendry working with Oxford Brookes has engaged with parents and early years practitioners in a bid to help families spend more time playing with their children.

Life and Mind Building construction tops out

Event General

Another milestone was reached this week with the topping out ceremony of the new Life and Mind Building.

Daniel Freeman to join EP as Professor of Psychology!


We are delighted to announce that we are starting the new year with a new appointment – Daniel Freeman has just been appointed as our new Professor of Psychology, joining us from the Psychiatry Department.

In Memoriam: Mark Stokes


After a long battle with cancer, we are deeply saddened that our friend and colleague, Mark Stokes, passed away on 13 January. Kia Nobre pays tribute to him.

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