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INTERNATIONAL Colour vision society (ICVS) Summer school 2016

We were delighted to host the first ever ICVS Summer School on Colour from 4th - 8th July 2016 at Pembroke College.

The school selected students and young researchers with basic knowledge of colour vision. It focused on colour vision and its applications. The school included courses, lectures, experiments, laboratory visits, and hands-on workshops, providing opportunities for formal and informal interaction with world-known researchers. Students also had the opportunity to discuss their research work in poster format.


Confirmed speakers:

Andrew Stockman (Institute of Ophthalmology, University College London)

Anya Hurlbert (Institute of Neuroscience, University of Newcastle upon Tyne)

David Foster (Electrical and Electronic Engineering, The University of Manchester)

Hannah Smithson (Psychology, University of Oxford)

John Barbur (Health Sciences, City University)

John Mollon (Psychology, University of Cambridge)

Keiji Uchikawa (Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Paul Martin, (Medical School, The University of Sydney)

Qasim Zaidi, (Center for Vision Research, State University of New York)

Sérgio Nascimento (Physics, University of Minho)


Sponsors: Cambridge Research Systems, Shamir Optical Portugal


Organization: International Colour Vision Society (

Organizing Committee: Sérgio Nascimento (

Hannah Smithson (

Neil Parry (


We were delighted to host the 31st International Pupil Colloquium at Pembroke College, University of Oxford, 13-17th September 2015.

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