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Professor Maggie Snowling lecturing at the British Academy on dyslexia in 2013

Presentations on our findings

BDA Conference 2014

 The Project Team presented their findings at the British Dyslexia Association conference in 2014.

British Academy lecture

Professor Maggie Snowling was elected as Fellow of the British Academy in 2009. She lectured on ‘Dyslexia: A Language Learning Impairment’ in September 2013.

RALLI videos

The RALLI campaign was created to Raise Awareness of Language Learning Impairments. It offers a plethora of useful videos that explain what a language impairment is, the impact it can have and how to get help.

Useful videos include Becky Clark talking about ‘What is SLI’, Maggie Snowling on ‘SLI and reading: decoding’ and ‘SLI and reading: understanding written language’ and Charles Hulme on ‘Reading intervention for children with language impairments’.