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Headshot of Nir Shalev

We're very pleased to announce that Nir Shalev has been appointed as a new departmental lecturer. 

Nir's current research focuses on how people anticipate upcoming events based on prior experience - and how this behavioural tendency changes and develops between childhood and older age. His work is relevant for understanding the foundations of how attention is controlled and guided, especially in dynamic, constantly changing environments.  attention impairments and difficulties, and for improving methods of cognitive assessment and intervention.

Nir first came to the Department from Tel-Aviv as a doctorate student (EU-funded Marie Skłodowska-Curie Early Stage Researcher) and later became a postdoc in the Brain and Cognition group, looking at prediction-led guidance of attention. He has become highly involved in teaching, including departmental tutorials and core labs, and college teaching (he was appointed as a Stipendiary Lecturer at Jesus College in early 2020). He also holds a Junior Research Fellowship in affiliation with Wolfson College (where he did his doctorate).

Nir said,


I  am excited about this opportunity to teach and become more involved in the department, which has been my home for more than seven years.