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Text says, "Conferment of Titles 2021," against a mostly black background with fireworks

WE'RE TREMENDOUSLY PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE THAT LUCY BOWES AND ROBIN MURPHY HAVE BEEN CONFERRED THE TITLE OF PROFESSOR. The award of the title of Full Professor recognises excellence in research alongside contributions to teaching and good citizenship.

Lucy Bowes

Conferred title: Professor of Developmental Psychopathology

Lucy’s work focuses on the impact of early life stress on psychological and behavioural development. In particular, herLucy Bowes - Professor of Developmental Psychopathology research examines the effects of bullying and maltreatment on young people’s mental health and wellbeing.

She said, "It is such a huge (overwhelming!) honour to have been awarded the title of Professor of Developmental Psychopathology. I certainly wouldn't have achieved this without the support of inspirational colleagues and the amazing Orange Lab group - thank you! The pandemic has highlighted the importance of understanding how stress and adversity can influence young people's mental health, and I will continue to take inspiration from the incredible resilience shown by children and adolescents in such challenging circumstances."


Robin Murphy

Conferred title: Professor of Experimental Psychology

Robin’s work uses associative theory to explain mental activity in animals and as applied to human learning inPhD (McGill) FHEA Robin A Murphy - Professor of Experimental Psychology the developing field of Computational Psychopathology. He uses associative mechanisms to explain disorders of the mind.

He said, “I am very pleased to be awarded this title, that reflects my experiences with my steadfast colleagues, wonderful students and my supportive family.”