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We are looking for participants for our decision making study. We are interested in how people learn about the quality of various information sources and then choose from them. 

If you would like to participate, you would have to come to OHBA (Oxford Center for Human Brain Acvitiy) at two different days. Both times, you will first be instructed about the task and then perform it while being scanned in a 3T scanner. Each session will max. take 2 hours including both the instruction part outside the scanner and the task during the scanner. You will be reimbursed with money for your time. 

 To participate, you should:
-        be aged 18 - 55 years
-        be right-handed
-        have no prior neurological or psychiatric history
-        not be colourblind


If you are interested, please contact me ( and I will send you more information.

Research Ethics Project Number: MSD-IDREC-C1-2013-133