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We wish to investigate how brain chemistry influences behaviour in healthy people, and in people with neurological disease. We measure cognitive processes that are affected by motivation in healthy participants, and compare this to patients with neurological disorders. During the testing sessions you will be asked to perform 1-3 simple tasks that involve making decisions or moving your fingers or eyes in responses to visual shapes presented on a standard computer screen or touch-screen. For example, you might have to follow targets on a computer screen with your eyes, or press a button to earn points. Each of the three main experiments lasts about 50-90 minutes. You will also be asked to complete questionnaires about your personality, motivation and mood. You will be reimbursed for your time (£10 per hour). The testing sessions will take place at the John Radcliffe hospital or the New Radcliffe House. You may be asked whether you would like to participate in either a drug study, or a neuroimaging study in a future session.

Please contact:

Dr. Joyce Vromen, (and A/Prof. Sanjay Manohar,

Research Ethics Ref Number: 14/SC/0044