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Research groups


Carolina Guzman Holst

B.S, MSc

DPhil Candidate

Research Summary

My research interests broadly include understanding mental health outcomes and pathways of risk and resilience in young people exposed to early-life adversity.

Currently, I am developing a contemporary model of risk and resilience for adolescent peer-victimisation. Specifically, my aim is to examine how social, emotional and cognitive mechanisms interact with key biological systems to predict functioning in adolescents with a history of childhood bullying. To investigate this, I am using longitudinal analysis and virtual reality to identify specific risk and protective pathways between bullying and psychological outcomes such as depression and anxiety. My goal is to establish mechanisms that can be used to promote resilient outcomes across the life course and inform interventions for vulnerable adolescents.

My work forms part of the “Changing Lives” project funded by the Calleva Foundation and Magdalen College, which seeks to understand the life-long impact of early-life adversity and identify individual differences that contribute to resilience across the life-course.


I was born in Costa Rica and grew up in Panama. Prior to starting my DPhil, I graduated with a Master of Science in Psychological Research from Oxford (2019) and a Bachelor of Science from Brown University (2016).