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ECR Committee

We are the ECR Committee!

Current members:

  • Sage Boettcher (Chair)
  • Kate Watkins (Faculty Representative) 
  • Sam Recht (Communications Co-Lead)
  • Sijia Zhao (Communications Co-Lead, Rep in Perception and Cognition)
  • Nima Khalighinejad (Research Committee Rep, Rep in Behavioural Neuroscience)
  • Tessa Reardon (Rep in Developmental Psychology)
  • Mira Dumbalska
  • Andrea Kusec
  • Allie Hexley
  • Sinead Lambe

We’re very excited about working with the EP ECR community.

Past members:

  • Manuel Spitschan
  • Esther Beierl
  • Kathleen van Cleef
  • Anna-Katharina Bauer
  • Nick Myers
  • Matt Davidson
  • Paul Muhle-Karbe
  • Tom Marshall